WhatsNew Service Pack 76 for Artica 4.40.000000


  • Unable to install Web-Filtering engine because the server memory is less than 2.5GB of memory free - deny possibility to install
  • Sometimes priviles of the directory /var/ossec are not correctly defined for the wazhu client.
  • Unable to update products using the top-right bell after SP70
  • Wrong syslog clients count on the main widget for the Log sink feature.
  • Browse events in Log Sink did not start search when opening the section.
  • Sometimes the watchdog think that the Artica Web console monitor is not started that is not the case ( see more information here )
  • Sometimes, building a support tool return failed to construct.
  • New procedure for upgrading php7.3 to 7.4 ( 7.4 is now officially added in ISOs )