ISO CD/DVD / Virtual appliances

You want just a mail,proxy,file server running quickly!
Transform your server to an Artica Appliance.
Download our CD Images or virtual appliances.
It will install for you full system with Artica.


Web Proxy / Web filtering

Artica Proxy allows you to install a full Proxy + Web filtering system including Active Directory connection and Statistics features.

Get Artica Proxy appliances



Mail/Groupware systems

Artica Mail allows you to install a full mail system including MTA/MDA and Anti-Spam features.

Get Artica Mail appliances



NAS/File sharing

Artica NAS allows you to create a file server, inluding Active Directory connections and master domain features.

Get Artica NAS appliance



Binaries setup

You have already a Linux system and want to upgrade it.
Your preferred distribution is already installed and configured...
Get the binary setup that will execute your repository manager (yum,apt,zypper,urpmi...) in order to download required components and the latest Artica Version...

Build your own appliance