WhatsNew Service Pack 66 for Artica 4.40.000000


  • Refresh index did not work on Artica update section
  • Unable to change groups order in ACLs
  • Wizard - all to xxx is added every time as there is an already rule defined in proxy-Pac Service
  • Issue on chmod on the Samba path when the NTLM watchdog check the Active Directory availability.
  • PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class hollodotme\FastCGI\Exceptions\TimedoutException on Artica Framework.


  • Possibility to Import/export Proxy Pac rules ( see more information here )
  • Possibility to see more information here acls objects inside the Proxy Pac section.
  • Possibility to find any records inside Proxy PAC rules. ( see more information here )
  • Possibility to download the generated proxy.pac file for each rule.
  • Improve the DNS Firewall service monitor availability.