Whatsnew Service Pack 323 for Artica 4.30.000000


  • multiple same rules in iptables when using Proxy in transparent mode
  • Time synchronizing is not perform when using the Active Directory as NTP server ( see more information here )
  • Sometimes it is unable to upgrade the system caused by clamav updating processing.
  • Rebuild the external_acl_first plugin for better peformances ( beta 1)
  • Display The Shields icon instead of text in the proxy realtime monitor.
  • Wrong display in the Cache management section.


  • Updating repositories for C-ICAP 5.0.9, Haproxy 2.4.4, Clamav 0.104.0
  • Specials checks on DNS Quality servers when using Artica Categories or The Shields features.
  • Possibility to disable the Artica resolve operation when using Kerberos authentication ( see more information here )