WhatsNew Service Pack 28 for Artica 4.40.000000


  • Fix Encryption types issues with Active Directory on HaCluster after Microsoft Windows 2019 November 2022 updates
  • Proxy Protocol v2 support on SMTP service ( see more information here )
  • "Online Help" Button in IPSEC, Failover, Splunk and Network
  • Missing ha-diagram-animated.gif img
  • Dropdown button for "New Interface" when bounding is enable
  • Log rotate support for go-shield logs
  • Improvements of WebCopy feature ( see more information here )


  • /var/log/kibana/kibana.stdout and /var/log/kibana/kibana.stderr log files are not monitored for cleaning.
  • Uploading a new Service Pack in Web console make the progress stuck at 5% but update process is correctly performed.
  • Typo in exec.clean.logs.php
  • Issues on Characters set when upgrading to the lastest PowerDNS version ( see more information here )
  • Reverse-proxy log all checks/accesses from the local monitor
  • Progress bar in IDS section