WhatsNew Service Pack 16 for Artica 4.40.000000


  • new statistics for wordpress websites ( see more information here )
  • When creating a new IP source or desintation object and an IP is on the object subject, an item is automatically added with such subject.
  • Automatic response on proxy issue "negotiate_kerberos_auth: FATAL: Local hostname could not be determined. Please specify the service principal"


  • Wrong order in Proxy SSL rules that make decrypt unstable when decrypt/encrypt rules with same objects.
  • Unable to add a new ACL object when using object list section.
  • Uninstall reverse-proxy feature did not uninstall Web firewall feature
  • Remove warning of no websites defined in HotSpot
  • Artica killing local DNS Cache service when DNS Cache is enabled.
  • In HotSpot Web (v4.40.40) unable to logon using voucher ticket
  • Go shield 1.0.63 add error handling for invalid urls
  • Typo in exec.go.shield.server.php