WhatsNew Service Pack 114 for Artica 4.40.000000


  • Notification on the top-right icon when a new Wazhu Client version is available
  • Minor compatibilities with Fortigate events and Artica Log Sink ( see more information here )
  • Possibility to delete a Wazuh agent from the Artica Web interface ( see more information here )
  • Compatibility with Artica Log Sink and Wazuh agent see more information here https://wiki.articatech.com/en/system/syslog/log-sink/wazuh )
  • New parameter Max Unwanted replies on the DNS Cache service in order to prevent DNS poisonning attacks.
  • Wizard for helping SSL decryption Improvements in the Proxy service.
  • Possibility to download a PowerShell script for Proxy SSL certificate deployment


  • Unable to renew let's Encrypt certificates on Artica for Wordpress Edition.
  • Unable to set login=PASSTHRU in proxy service when usin a parent proxy with authentication method.
  • Unable to create SSL certificates caused by table sslcertificates has no column named AsRoot