WhatsNew Service Pack 114 for Artica 4.30.000000


  • Bungled configuration when passing from NTLM acls to an HaProxy kerberos method.
  • Browse Active Directory suffix did not encode the password.
  • Sometimes, corrupted events send a wrong uuid as entity ID in Artica Statistics. Corrupted events/uuid are now rejected.
  • Ensure the hostname is correctly defined as an FQDN when installing the SMTP MTA feature ( see more information here )


  • New function designed to compile only routing rules instead of compile the whole network configuration.
  • Function that ensure that the Max File descriptors kernel parameter is correctly defined at least 8100.
  • Possibility to enable Proxy ARP on Network interfaces.
  • Proxy Visible hostname and Unique hostname was directly defined by the global hostname and uuid values in order to fix mistakes errors
  • Proxy Statistics per users in "short" section and categories
  • Remove event level when encounter PostGreSQL error while calculate table size ( see more information here )