2.x Releases

Do not install artica on a production system already set, Artica will change your system configuration according it's needs that should not meet your configuration files.

1.9x versions can be upgraded trough the manual update section inside the Artica Web frontend


Packages (manual upgrade from 2.x/1.9x)
Uploaded date Version/Link   Size
2016 November Sunday 27 23:59:26 2.40.000022 WHATSNEW.TXT 91 MB
2016 May Wednesday 04 03:04:24 2.38.050402 WHATSNEW.TXT 91 MB
Artica Proxy lastest CD-ROM/Isos files
Uploaded date Version Link Size
2018 March Saturday 17 18:03:37 3.06.200056.lts artica-proxy-3.06.200056.lts.debian7-amd64.dvd.iso 748 MB