Cumulative patch for 1.9.022321

This section allow you to download latest cumulative patchs in TGZ format for the last 1.9.022321 release version.

Currently we prepare the next major release 1.10.x versions.
This 1.9.022321 version should be the latest 1.9x series stable release.

If you need to patch your Artica server trough the Artica Web front-end,
update your server first in 1.9.022321 version and read this article.

This cumulative patch can be used trough the Artica Meta Global Management console

Latest patch Link Size
May Friday 15 09:29:16
artica-1.9.033016.tgz 4.0 MB

Fixes and news

Fix log partition is not correctly cleaned.
Fix whitelist rules are not defined on TOP when generating greylisting rules in SMTP.
Fix missing sometimes parentheses in generated proxy.pac scripts.
Fix Webfiltering client crash that crash the proxy
Fix SMTP realtime logs display the current time instead the log time.
Remove unecessary error Duplicate column name `zOrder` in Webfilterign rules list table
Add remote OpenLDAP server support for both ACLs/Web filtering rules.
Fix unable to disable no-ssl feature.
Fix with unable to browse and select groups in Proxy access control list and webfiltering groups when parsing some specifics Active Directory branchs.
Fix unable to save SMTP throttle instance parameters in Artica SMTP
Fix missing ipv4 setup when using Active Directory with dynamic groups.
Fix unable to enable authentication again after turned to Active Directory Emergency
Fix wrong information added in kerb5.conf according Active Directory slaves domains.
Add possibility to disable redirect banned SSL sites to the SSL block page.
Add possibility to display the generated config for each bandwidth
Fix unable to enable By computer in bandwidth rule
Fix wrong conversion in bandwidth parameter
Fix sometimes access.log has been classified in 1983 year.
Add possibility to reset all Artica parameters trough the system console
Fix MySQL structure when playing with bandwidth rules ( need to rebuild MySQL tables )
Add possibility to disable the web page error system cache
Building webfiltering rules now remove web page error caches.
Fix sometimes the rotation task is not executed
Fix unable to save correctly layers position in Proxy error pages.
Fix unable to generate Web error pages skins.
Improve Smartphones Proxy ACL
Fix unable to display Artica Meta hosts after upgrade hosts to latest patch.
Add a procedure that clean access.log ( prevent the proxy service that did not respond to rotate order )
Fix error Table 'artica_backup.squid_pools' when create a bandwidth limitation rule
Increase Winbindd default max process from 200 to 500
Add a new watchdog feature "Proxy SSL emergency"
Watchdog now take care about the winbindd daemon and logs generated
Add possibility to enable/Disable ROCK system cache ( disabled by default )
Fix informations are not displayed correctly according Artica Databases.
Add possibility to define only the member in the Error page web filtering rules.
Rebuild the on-demand rotation log operation service.
Fix sometimes the rotation task make the proxy service to not write correctly the access.log
Improve the Reconstruct caches feature ( new progress is generated)
Fix unable to move logs sources to the defined remote NAS system.
Fix unable to edit a bandwidth limitation rule
Fix MySQL errors on proxy hours tables when tables has been created in 2014
Add possibility to download and to upload snapshots
The watchdog is now able to take care about the memory usage on the proxy service.
Add possibility to set the proxy to log client hostnames instead IP addresses
Add possibility to add a specific DNS to use for a specific domain in DNS service
Add possibility to add an official chain certificate in certificate center when using the Official certificate Wizard
Add possibility to empty Proxy SSL Cache.
Fix Warning on missing file /etc/squid3/artica-meta/whitelist-nets.db in proxy.
Fix Web interface warning on unconfigured network card when DHCP is enabled on network card.
Fix bulk notifications [ARTICA]:(articaproxy.artica_proxy) Artica watchdog daemon was stopped !!
Fix unable to create a Website in the reverse proxy with a MySQL error.